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Twas the night before Christmas
Dave's podcast was playing all through the house
Not a creature was spending
Not even a mouse
The stockings were sold on ebay with care
In the hopes the money saved wouldn't
leave the saving's account bare
The children were nestled all snuggly in bed
Afraid if they weren't, they'd be sold next.
Mamma in last year's kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled down for a long cost-free nap.
When out on the lawn arose such a clatter
Bill collectors, Am Ex, and Master Card splatter!
I ran to the window, threw open the shutters
I shouted "What would Dave do?"
and sat down to mutter.
I went to the window and saw - what the bells?
An old rusty jalopy pulled by gazelles
"Dave!" I exclaimed my cheeks all aglow,"What should I do?
I've a budget, and envelopes, and a payment that's due!"
His eyes were all merry and he spoke with a drawl
Pay the largest off first, tell the rest they can wait,
Eat beans and rice, and an apple, or date.
These times they will pass, and you'll feel much better
when your bank book and savings are all so much fatter."
With that all said, he went straight to work
He took out scissors and with barely a jerk
He cut up the credit cards until they flew in the air
little pieces - like snowflakes- 
landed gently in his hair.
He exclaimed when he finished
"Dash away credit cards! Means cash in the bank!
Sleep well this Christmas with gas in the tank!"
He climbed in his jalopy (I know he can afford a 'vetter)
but for the purpose of this story the metaphor's better.
He leaned out the window, and shouted with glee...
"Merry Christmas to all and I'll leave you a present:
Lisa Grace's ebook "Angel in the Shadows" is free,
it won't cost you a red cent!"
Angel in the Shadows, Book 1


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