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The difference between vampires and angels? Angels are real.


Thank you to Dusty Catlett at - Cover Illustrator

ANGEL IN THE ICE, BOOK 3 -- Now Here!, 2012

Angel in the Ice, Book 3 2.99 on  Amazon

The difference between vampires and Angels? Angels are real.

Megan has given her life, but not her soul, to Judas. Now at a ski resort in the mountains of North Carolina, Megan and her friends face the biggest challenges and temptations of their lives. When a blizzard snows them in, Sam must face the personal demons of his drug addiction. Alex doesn't want to be a teen father and is willing to do just about anything to ensure he is not. When disaster strikes, how can they make it out alive and keep Judas from harming unsuspecting guests? Find out by reading the continuing saga of the Angel Series with Book 3, Angel in the Ice. 


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