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I live in North Carolina, and my Aunt lives in New Hampshire. My grandparents moved up to live with us from Florida. My grandfather wanted to visit my aunt, and so my mom and Aunt arranged airfare. He was fine on the way there, but coming back had a two hour delay in Atlanta.

About this time, we were thinking that my grandfather was showing the first signs of alzheimers, because he had a habit of forgetting things, and had a stroke. About 10 pm, my mom received a call that his flight would be delayed for another four hours. My mom and aunt were completely freaked out and worried. But by 2 am, when the plane finally arrived at our local airport, he walked off arm-in-arm with a young woman, (as my mom described her- I wasn't there) in her 20-30's. She had  brown hair and a business suit on, nothing particularly extravagant. She only had a briefcase, no luggage. As they were waiting for my grandfather's suitcases to arrive, she told us how they had met on the plane in New Hampshire, happened to be sitting next to one another, both going to North Carolina, and she stayed with him the entire way, even when there was another flight leaving earlier that had one spare seat. She had stayed by his side the entire night. The three of them walked out to the deserted parking lot at 2 in the morning, and my mom leaned over to put my grandfather's bags in the trunk. She looked up, and the lady was gone. She asked my grandfather if he had seen where she went, and he said no- there were no other cars for at least 30 feet around them; the only thing she could have done is to crawl under the car.

It's not extravagant, but I honestly believe that God sent her to help my grandfather, and ease my mom and aunt, knowing that he had been take n care of. She didn't make a big fuss, she didn't have on glowing clothes, but she was there. :)

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Angels are all around us and help us every day if we just let them.I am glad she was there for your grandfather.

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