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WARNING: I am a Christian and all my writing is from a Christian world view. My work is fictional, but the Spiritual world created by God revealed to us through the Bible, exists. My goal is to get young adults to understand there is a real spiritual world out there; there is a battle on for their soul.  It is important to learn the rules ( by reading the Bible) for surviving (eternally) the one they are really in.

When you email me, we can set up a webcam or Skype author visit to your book club so we can discuss the book together! I love to meet people who have read my novel(s.) If you take the time to read my book, I will take the time to talk to you.

I have Angel in the Storm, Book Two almost finished and am actively seeking an agent and contract.

I also have The 15th Star, an historical mystery thriller about what happened to the missing fifteenth star from the Star Spangled Banner Flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 and inspired the song written by Francis Scott Key, almost complete.

Next year, I will write Angel in the Snow? Book Three and start another series entitled  Society of the D. E. A. D.  about a college-age protagonist who can see the spiritual world but also is hiding a much larger secret.

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 I love to speak at teen events and read excerpts from my book. I will send your pastor after speaking with him, a free DVD copy of me speaking at teen events. I can also send him a recommendation letter from my Pastor. Email me with his phone and I would be happy to call him.

Angel In The Shadows  - Reader's Guide - Spoiler Alert!!!


1. Why did the author leave out a physical description of Megan and why is this important?

2. Have you ever had a friend who was doing something to themselves that was physically dangerous and how did you handle it? How would you have handled Paige?  Would you have told your boyfriend or a close friend Paige's secret the way Megan did to Seth? Does the Bible discuss problems like Paige's and how Megan handled the situation?

3. What parallels, if any, to the Bible did you notice while reading?

4. When Jude spreads the gossip about Megan did it bring to mind anything that has happened to you or your friends in the past? Did you/they cope differently than Megan?

5. Temptation often appears as something fun, exciting, and relatively harmless. Besides Jude being handsome and charismatic, what makes him appear harmless when in reality you are putting your life/soul in danger? Why are people so attracted to him even when they see through his actions that he is not a good person?

6. When adults and schools give out condoms, birth control pills, and gardisil shots, what are they really saying? Is it the same/or different as giving you in advance, $250 to pay a future traffic ticket? 

7. Does God send guardian angels or any kind of angels today? Do you think you have seen an angel (good or bad) or any kind of evil?

8. The author divides people into two groups the saved and the unsaved. How do you see the division between good and evil?

9. Free will is an awesome gift and responsibility. When Megan sees the Goth being arrested and the evil angel at the same time, did she have a responsibility to speak up and do something? Her inaction at the time seemed to be okay, but later when he died, she felt guilt. Did she sin? Have you ever not done something and later felt guilty that maybe you should have?

10. At camp, when she put a snake in Robby's bed (LOL) it was funny. But later her mother told her it was wrong, was it?

11. I have more questions to come in the next few days. If you have questions please email me at  



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