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How Real Science Proves the Bible by Lisa Grace
Release date: July 19, 2014

This is my first full-length non-fiction book. Those who have been reading my guest posts on Eye On The Paranormal  over the last two years know I work from one premise only: The Holy Scriptures are 100% accurate and God breathed. Everything  we need to know about science and the supernatural can be discovered and is 100% accurate.
Consequently, "real" science proves the Scriptures are 100% correct.
We know God exists outside "time" and our universe. God was, is, and will be. Fake science bases its premises on quick-sand theories, while real science bases it on facts.
Fact: DNA is organic computer code.
Fact: The outer reaches of space are 3D holographic images.
Fact: Cells are incredibly complex replicating organic machines that contain RNA protein factories, and complex motors.
Fact: Not one organism has ever evolved into another.
Learn all you need to know once you separate fact from theory, and once you know what the Scriptures say about God. You will be astonished that the Bible and "real" science are 100% in agreement. After all, the Bible says the stars  and stones will sing out His Awesomeness, and they do, if we will just listen.
I'm very excited to bring this book to you. As a child, I loved science and it never dawned on me people would twist facts to "fit" theory or propose theories (which just means "I have an idea") that go against what we know from fact (replicate-able experiments that get the same values over and over) and give them a higher, better value than "real" provable science.
Like Big Bang Theory (which has been disproven and has such BIG holes in it you can drive quasars through it, literally.) I read scientific papers and break down the concepts into easily understandable elements so you can see how non-believers are trying to push quick-sand theories as fact, and often succeed.
When you realize that the average adult knows less science than a fifth grader, you see how this can happen.
It used to be scientists took the facts, and came up with hypotheses from the data.
Unfortunately, with the dumbing down of science, many have chosen to try and force theories, even in the face of much data that doesn't "fit" the theory. This is so wrong on so many levels.